Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OUTFIT | Casual Canadian Tuxedo

Hey y'all! So, I feel like my blog is geared more towards beauty but I'm equally interested in and love fashion/style, so I'm going to work on posting more outfits.  My style fluctuates and changes from day to day.  I prefer a more casual day look but when I go out at night, definitely more dressy and edgy.

Today's look is very relaxed and very Canadian.  You may have heard of the phrase "Canadian Tuxedo", this is consists of wearing denim on denim on denim.  A Canadian tuxedo can either be very fashionable or a complete disaster.  To see an example of the latter please view this gallery of hilarious photos of celebrities rocking the Britney and Justin denim outfits circa the 2001 AMA's.

I layered a Canadian brand Roots sweater over my denim shirt, to make it less... denim-y and also because it's really cold outside.   If you live in Canada then you'd know that mother nature has a bad case of schizophrenia aka one day its +17 degrees Celsius and the next it's a blizzard out.  Mother nature is such a tease! I finished the look off with some white converse.  

Vintage Denim Shirt
Roots Crew Neck
Zara Jeans 
Converse in White      


  1. I love the double denim look. I think it only works when the denims are different shades! I love your nails too! Canada always looks such an adventurous place to live! I would love to go some time!

  2. This is so pretty :) I've been wanting a Roots sweater like that for a long time

    Davina x

  3. I really like the combination of the shirt and the light color jeans!! and looks so good on you :) I recently did my spring outfit ideas blog post and that would be so lovely if you could check it out :) xx

    The direct link is here

    Mayumi :)

  4. Love the Canadian-inspired look! You're definitely rocking the double denim and the Roots sweatshirt is a nice touch :)


  5. Roots is so Canadian! I always feel like such a proud Canadian when I wear my Roots clothes!
    Hopefully it stays warm in Canada now after the ridiculously cold winter. It's 17 degrees today but apparently the temperature is dropping again over the next few days. So tired of this crazy weather!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’