Friday, May 2, 2014

E.L.F Studio Makeup Clutch Palette + Blue/Teal Eye Look!

I found this ELF Makeup Clutch palette at Winners yesterday for a whopping $15 and I couldn't resist.  Seriously, my basket was full of products and it took all of my self-control not to buy it all.  But, I've been looking into purchasing more eyeshadow as I usually only wear browns/nudes and I thought this would be a good gateway kit.

I love the size of this clutch.  It's small, portable and the quality is great for the price.  It comes with 32 eyeshadow colours, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 face shimmer, 6 lip colours, an eyebrow cream and power (which were way to dark for me) and 3 useless eyeshadow applicators.  It's a good kit to throw in your bag for going out after work.     

I used this ELF kit for my whole face minus my base (foundation, concealer, powder, etc).  Here's what I used to get this look: 

1.  Light brown/gold shimmer all over the lid
2.  I used the dark chocolate brown for the crease and slowly built up the pigment
3.  Light shimmery pink for my brow bone
4.  I placed a bit of black in the crease to darken it up a bit more and blended it all out
5.  Light shimmer teal colour for the inner bottom last line
6.  Bright blue for the remaining half of bottom lash line to create an ombre effect 

7.  I used the bronzer to contour my cheeks and create a overall glow
8.  I love this peach blush, it's very subtle and shimmery
9.  Not sure how I feel about this clear gel face shimmer yet, because it was awkward to apply.  You can see it clearly on the bridge of my nose though, which looks ultra highlighted in the photos above! 
10.  Last but not least, I used this peach/orange lip gloss (it looks a lot more orange than it applies).  It was not sticky at all which I liked, as I'm not normally a gloss person.

I can't wait to try new eyeshadow looks with this palette, especially a nice dark black and grey smokey eye.  


  1. Gorgeous eye make up the blue really makes your eyes pop

  2. Wow, what a handy little palette! So many stunning shades. Love the look you created it with it- that teal is super pretty! xo